Our Firm

About Us        Our professional specialization is to provide financial planning and investment advisory services for individuals, families, small businesses, and pension plan trustees. Wealth building in an ever-changing economic environment, with volatile markets and continually increasing investment alternatives, can be an exciting challenge or an overwhelming burden. We strive to meet this challenge and assist our clients in managing their financial future.

Our Mission    Tripp Financial Consultants, Inc. provides consulting services to assist in:

•     Evaluating  clients’ financial position
•     Analyzing  clients’ risk management
•     Determining investment and accumulation goals
•     Tax Planning
•     Education planning
•     Retirement planning
•     Estate Planning

Our professional objective is to enhance all aspects of the financial decision-making process, including setting goals, evaluating risk, determining expected performance, and minimizing cost.

The process of financial planning is a continual one and, properly accomplished, can make a significant difference in the results obtained. We help structure logical, flexible plans and guide our clients to ensure that the choices they make are in line with specific goals we help them establish.

The Approach   The first step is to work with clients to help develop a long-term financial plan. This involves assessing the clients’ current situation and establishing realistic goals that accurately reflect the clients’ attitudes about risk and investment. It includes determining the proper asset allocation to ensure adequate diversification and risk exposure. A prudent approach to the financial decision process requires cautious, careful decision-making that is based on an understanding of what is realistically attainable. This approach will provide for informed, logical decisions rather than reactionary responses to short-term market or economic conditions.

This leads to the second step of determining the actions needed to achieve clients’ goals and executing their plan. We assist with cash flow and investment planning. We provide independent screening of hundreds of investment managers to select those most appropriate to meet our clients’ goals and objectives. We assist in analyzing the investment philosophies and methodologies employed by various managers to evaluate those that meet the criteria we have developed together.

The final step is to provide clients with continuous monitoring of their financial plan. This includes regular phone and email contact, and at least annual meetings to reassess the clients’ goals, evaluate performance of the investments, and recommending any modifications that may be appropriate.

The Result         Our clients have a clear understanding of their financial lives and confidence in the choices they make on the road to financial freedom.